Real-Time 24/7 Support

From response to resolution, our chat-based, real-time response puts speed back into support.

Service Desk

Real Time 24/7 Support is Just a Chat or Live-Call Away

Real-time 24/7 support is designed to keep your business moving with Managed IT Services Cincinnati’s lightning quick, chat-based or live call support system. Simply forward the request and we’ll handle the rest, so you can get back to what you do best. We give real-time 24/7 support a new meaning.

real time 24/7 support

A Single Team of Experts Handling All Your Requests

Our team of experts is trained to handle all incoming issues, from password reset to device crashes, we have you and your company covered.

Contact us if you need:

  • Daily Troubleshooting
  • System Administration Support
  • Access to files, applications or hardware devices
  • Audit recording on a new device
Computer servers

How IT Service Desk Supports our Customers

Utilizing our Service Deskk can open up and simplify business opportunities. In addition to our core functions, we also can provide:


  • Assistance with acquisition integration
  • Data access management
  • Infrastructure service management
  • Assistance with employee onboarding
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Quick Response Rate

You have access to a full team of experts ready and willing to help. Once you’ve sent in the chat or called, we immediately respond and put in motion a solution to solve the issue.

Our responding team member will:

  • Research your issue and respond within 10 minutes
  • Walk you through a resolution
  • Log-in if needed to identify the issue and correct it
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Benefits of Using our IT Service Desk

Companies have been using outsourced IT services for years. At Managing IT Services Cincinnati, we incorporate best practices to better serve our customers.

Our best practices include:

  • Provide an end-user self help portal accessible 24/7
  • Incorporate weekly scans on software and equipment to prevent long-term issues
  • Maintain complete software and hardware audit for quick resolutions


Consider Us a Part of Your Team

We align technology with your business goals to support a long-term growth strategy

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Performing IT properly is more than just fixing computers and issue prevention. Your business requires technology planning, long-term budgeting with strategic consulting as a fundemental aspect of your managed IT services.

In a fast-paced business environment where a single computer or software issue can bring to a halt productivity, an IT service desk with instant support and a robust emergency response plan specifically developed for your business can maintain a smooth running operation.

We also offer preventative maintenance that is regularly performed on each piece of equipment  to lessen the likelihood of it failing during productivity hours. By identifying an issue ahead of time along with proper planning, will help maintain productivity and business as usual. We perform our services normally during the evening hours  while the equipment is working so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

The types of preventive maintenance we provide each customer is Time-Based or Usage-Based. Time-based preventive maintenance is a regular inspection on a critical piece of equipment such as a server that would severely impact production in the event of a breakdown. Usage-based is normally instigated by a certain amount of time or hours in a production cycle. Printers are often a good example of the type of equipment which falls into this category.

My Office 365 is not booting up correctly, can you help?

Our internet is not working, we cannot link to outside staff.

Can you set up an e-mail account for a new hire?

The printer isn’t working, would you check it out?

An Extension of Your Staff

New regulations, rules and threats are cropping up daily. The amount of data at our fingertips is growing exponentially. Add to this the increasingly competitive market which threatens to eliminate businesses who are unable to keep up.

With all the uncertainty ahead, how do you determine whether to maintain status quo or embrace change when it comes to your IT solution.

With us, you can ease your mind. Future-proof your business with Managed IT Services Cincinnati.