Managed Cybersecurity Solutions For Your Business

World-class managed cybersecurity solutions that address today and tomorrow’s threats.

Security Essentials

The first phase is focused on creating best practices and reviewing the basics. A strong IT Foundation is critical, if this fails, all remaining layers can be compromised.

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  • Anti-Virus Protection, AEP
  • Microsoft and Third-Party Patch Management
  • SPAM Filter
  • Web/Content Filtering
  • Advanced Firewall Security Subscriptions
  • Complex Password Configuration/Account Lockout Policy
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Role Based Access Control: file, apps, system
  • WIFI Security
  • IT Audit

Business Continuity

The second phase allows your systems to continue operating  even if your local systems are compromised. Every business requires a comprehensive continuity solution surpassing backup.

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  • Comprehensive Backup
  • Offsite Backup with Cloud Virtualization
  • Local Backup each hour with instant virtualization
  • Ransomware Detection/Backup Verification

User Education

Staff remains your biggest vulnerability-we turn them into a comprehensive line of defense. User error causes most security breaches. We educate and train on cybersecurity rules.

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  • Annual Cybersecurity Training & Testing
  • Audited IT Security Policies
  • Weekly Reminder Messages
  • Tracking Compliance Verification Portal
  • Employee Security Scoring

Security Auditing

Every system needs a checks and balances protocol to ensure your network remains secure. A broad security auditing plan validates the other security layers are working properly.

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  • Conduct Annual Risk Assessments
  • Scan Network Frequently for Sensitive Data
  • Quarterly Scans for Vulnerability
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Dark Web Breaches

Detect & Respond

This phase offers real-time protection for your IT infrastructure by actively scanning for intruders and then alerts when someone attempts to gain unauthorized access.

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  • Set up Security Information and Events Monitoring
  • Communication with 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Team
  • Have Real-Time Alerts and Incident Response
  • Pre-planned Compliance Reporting


This phase is utilized to actively test your system for weaknesses by simulating live attacks to ensure that your cybersecurity defenses are active and ready. Multi-layered proven system.

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  • Firewalls to Protect IT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Framework
  • Penetration Testing against LAN & WAN
  • On-site simulation protection for phone and e-mail

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We provide every customer with world-class leading managed cybersecurity solutions which address today’s threats. We provide support in managing compliance issues to reduce regulatory risk, create user training programs and deploy top tier business continuity solutions to keep your business running.

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We set you up for success

Our team and program remain vigilant to provide network health to your system.

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Risk Assessment

This is the first step when securing your network and overall system. Discover your companies security vulnerabilities and together we can create a multi-level strategy to solve them.

User Education

We help maintain company wide education about the latest security threats and prepare your staff with the knowledge to avoid them. Approximately 95% of security breaches are caused by human error, thus the reason why we spend so much time on education and training. They are the first line of defence. 

Backup Solutions

By automating local backups you can secure your systems against data loss with cloud based remote servers. By creating a redundant backup program, we can protect your business from data loss and cyber attacks such as ransomware. 

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Improving Business Continuity While Reducing Risk

We break down managed IT services into three categories, strategic planning, infrastructure management and technical support and the creation of proactive and reactive support programs for each customer.

Infrastructure Management and Technical Support

Creating a solid foundation is the key to a successfully established IT system. By utilizing our Nightly Maintenance Program which proactively maintains and tunes your network, significantly reduces the possibility of downtime. 

Team Support

We provide each customer with a primary and secondary dedicated team member who know your system well. By creating a level of continuity with an established set of support procedures, you can breathe easy your business is protected. 

Security Policies

By creating standard security procedures, this allows you and us to respond quickly and effectively to threats. This also helps reduce breaches when utilized on mobile devices with strategic password configurations .

Network & Connectivity

We deliver 24/7 remote monitoring, troubleshooting, remediation, and management of WAP’s, switches, routers, firewalls, LAN, WAN and network connectivity to each customer. Our technicians utilize the most modern monitoring tools to ensure your network maintains optimum performance.

Our team of experts and state of the art tools allow us to provide both onsite and online network connectivity support to reduce the risk of downtime. Our monitoring tools detects minor and major  issues allowing each team member to resolve the issue in real-time. Each issue identified receives an equal amount of importance. 

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