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We create IT Infrastructures enabling organizations to deliver services and solutions to customers, partners and employees.

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Managed Network Services

As traditional network infrastructures merge with new up and coming technologies, this creates tremendous challenges for IT teams. The question becomes, how do you deliver network transformation while serving and meeting the needs of the business today?

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Supporting Infrastructure Components

Managing and monitoring network infrastructure components such as routers, firewalls, switches and load balancers can be time-consuming and often times is overlooked by company staff. As a result, many organizations have determined the benefits of utilizing a third-party provider to support their network infrastructure, allowing them to focus on internal strategic initiatives.

At Managed IT Services Cincinnati, our professional managed network services team provides on-site and remote, enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring, providing each customer the assurance and backbone of their business is operating smoothly.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Managed IT Services – Plug into the power of managed services.

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Managed Network Services That Fit Your Needs

We provide every customer with remote, enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring, daily, weekly and monthly. We assume full responsibility of your network and systems day-to-day operations and maintenance.



Security & Compliance

Our security professionals establish and sustain a reliable remote workforce creating a safe and secure operations for your staff. We help improve, build and support a secure infrastructure.

Intelligent Communications

Integrations and teams, all in one place, Office 365. Drive efficiency and productivity through the establishment of intelligent and effective communications that work seamlessly with access to information and tool sets.

(IAAS) Infrastructure as a Service

Scale your new or existing applications to a larger audience. Establish a robust computing model to take your company into the future safely. We support connections to servers, networks, storage and support content delivery and load balancing.

(PAAS) Platform as a Service

With our team of experts, we guide you every step of the way if choosing to utilize a PAAS such as Azure, where you can modernize, develop, run and manage applications in the cloud.

View your IT infrastructure as more than just a necessary operational cost. When properly leveraged, your IT infrastructure creates efficiency, mobilizing your staff and automating tasks that without, is viewed as expensive. As technology advances, create highly skilled internal talent and workplace expectations by utilizing our easy to manage, cost effective, never ending support.

Modern Desktop

We have successfully kept businesses running smoothly and efficiently. We provide each customer with a secure and modern technology environment where your team can grow in efficiency and productivity.

Infrastructure Managed Services

Managed IT Services Cincinnati can assist you with disaster recovery, systems management, operations management, change management services, adoption of new devices and software and other solutions. We specialize in quick resolutions and leading edge security. 


By utilizing current technology like the Azure REST API’s ability to automate every aspect of your Azure environment, we can improve and optimize your operations. 

Network & Connectivity

As the complexity with IT increases in today’s modern business environment, our goal is to simplify challenges and harmonize the various moving parts.

We understand that in order to maintain a customers infrastructure, the way we monitor workloads and data centers must evolve alongside your business strategy. On-site, in the cloud, or hybrid, our approach makes it possible for each and every customer to conduct their diversified system regardless of location, complexity, operating system or cloud provider. We lend industry experience with our decades of history and best practice strategy which includes automation, real-time monitoring and alerting, security and compliance, Azure management and Office 365 configuration and optimization. 

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