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Managed IT Services Cincinnati Provides Intelligent IT Support To Boost Productivity

Managed IT Services Cincinnati is the leading cybersecurity company in the tri-state. information technology, technical support, network security

Strategic 24/7 Support

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Managed IT Services Cincinnati 24/7 help desk is designed to provide immediate service to the customer. We bring the human touch back to IT by creating direct contact, thus improving time to resolution. With our remote access capabilities, we can literally be on the device troubleshooting within minutes, improving employee productivity, creating an environment that works with you, not against you. We solve IT issues and empower your business. 

Virus and Spyware Removal

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At Managed IT Services Cincinnati we remove all known threats that may reside on your system and assist in protecting against any future infection. Our process consists of diagnosing all operating system issues, removing any virus and spyware, fixing start-up issues and blue screens, ensuring all preventative tools are up-to-date and active to prevent future attacks. 

Managed IT Services

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Data and disaster recovery should be a priority for every business. Redundant data backup is one of the crucial components of any recovery plan, yet remains only a part of a comprehensive strategy to recover your data. Our five step plan prepares your organization for any such occurance,  placing each of our customers at ease when and if it ever occurs. 

Network Design

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The backbone of any business is the IT network as it connects all computers, printers and related devices, allowing efficient productivity from the staff. Due to it’s severity, proper and efficient setup is critical. With our five step back practice methodology, we ensure your organization’s IT infrastructure is optimized and ready to perform daily.

Cloud Services

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If you are considering running your business software on the cloud, our team of experts can setup any system on the cloud, combine it with an existing application, data centre or infrastructure. We offer a wide variety of solutions adaptable for all types of industry. Often times our solutions reduces customers normal costs, such as an on-site server support team.

Cyber security

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Cyber security is the process  and practice of implementing technologies, practices and processes effectively protecting networks, programs, devices and data from attack. With Managed IT Services Cincinnati, we understand for an effective cyber security to function, an organization must coordinate its efforts throughout its entire IT system.

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Managed IT Services Cincinnati
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Designed to Maneuver with Each Customer

IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many companies we first meet openly admit not having a detailed backup or disaster recovery plan. Utilizing our managed IT service solution can help secure and manage your data with confidence.

MITS IT Systems

Every staff member must have complete confidence in your IT system. Managed IT Services Cincinnati can direct, support and manage your IT systems while your staff focuses on more strategic initiatives.

MITS Security Service

In today’s fast paced environment, IT is straining to maintain much less keep up with security concerns. There’s no room for error when it comes to maintaining compliance and keeping your devices and systems safe.

Collaboration Solutions

Effective communication and collaboration has become more critical in today’s economic environment than ever before. Even with dispersed employees, we have the knowledge and tool sets to bring everyone together.

MITS Managed Network

There’s no question your network infrastructure needs to be secure, operating at full speed and up-to-date. With our managed network services, we can help you build, maintain or upgrade your network to meet today’s and future requirements.

MITS Managed Database

Avoid resource intensive tasks such as database administration, upgrades, performance analysis and tuning by incorporating our managed database solution and spend more time pursuing business goals.

We Solve IT Issues

If peace of mind has a price tag, Managed IT Services Cincinnati is it.

24/7 Network Monitoring

24/7/365 Network Monitoring: We provide non-stop monitoring of your system round the clock for network protection by utilizing the latest sophisticated network monitoring tools.

Improved Security

We provide each customer with a systematic process and plan providing efficient backup and disaster recovery to improve your enterprise.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our detail for monitoring offers a complete view of the enterprise infrastructure, which allows us the ability to be pro-active rather than reactive as well as providing comprehensive analysis reports for management.

Cost Effective

Unplanned repair service can become a monumental cost burden of IT systems. By utilizing our services, we excel in controlling such costs by utilizing a fixed fee schedule which covers all types of repairs and service costs.

Scheduled Maintenance

We guarantee scheduled maintenance for every customers network on a monthly basis.

Optimum Performance

Our support team provides efficient, real-time monitoring solutions for each customers network infrastructure, website, application and server. Our solution is capable of delivering 24/7 network monitoring in order to maintain optimum performance and uptime.


Because we integrate comprehensive and consistent preventative maintenance systems, our customers are able to stay ahead  of any issues related to desktop and network failures. This approach assures an organizations IT stability.


What People Are Saying

“We have been using Managed IT Services for over seven years to handle all of our IT support and service needs and could not be happier. They are always responsive and available whenever there is a question, concern, or problem. Highly recommend them to everyone!”

Todd Lahey

A1 Appliance

“We have been using Managed IT Services Cincinnati for years and always appreciate how quickly they respond and resolve our issues. Good, honest people to work with.”

Kevin Koch

SMART Building Supply